we like the sunrise.

Last week was really crazy! And so much fun!

We were on the road every morning by 6:00, which means that we’re all up well before the sun comes up. Luckily, there have been some really gorgeous sunrises to see. Stephanie and Amber always fall back to sleep on the long morning drives, so Kate drinks tea and drives and Tyler drinks coffee and we watch the sunrise and listen to music. Mumford and Sons, Joel Plaskett, and Florence and the Machine were on the morning play lists.

This week we went to see Woodstock Centennial, Hartland Community School, Centreville Community School, and then on Friday we finished up with Priestman Street School. They were all so much fun.

Woodstock Centennial was an awesome school, and Shadow was so excited to get to meet so many new friends. Everyone there was sooo nice, and we had a lot of fun. After that we grabbed lunch and went to Hartland Community School. We got to go across the covered bridge again! It’s so neat! Hartland Community School was really nice too. We had so much fun there. The school is gorgeous, and the kids all were really nice.

Centreville Community School was great! We had a nice long break in between the shows so we went for a walk to pick up lunch, and then we played some basketball in the gym. We love it when we can play games in the gym. We have so much energy sometimes it’s good to be able to play and run around!

Friday was fun! We did two shows for Priestman Street School, and they were so great! We had a fun time, and Shadow really loved it there!

This week we’re off to Salisbury and Riverview and Moncton. We’re excited to see this part of the province and to show it to Shadow.

Happy Sunday!

We love listening to Joel Plaskett when we drive. What music do you like to listen to in the car?

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